Fostering Nutrition, Health and Wellness for All Children | Source: Advancing Kids Blog

Optimal nutrition is a critical factor in children’s overall health and wellness, especially for this at risk population. The Kohl’s Start Childhood Off Right (SCOR) program, within Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Health, uses both community outreach worker training and community wellness events to educate parents of infants and toddlers about healthy nutrition from birth. Such education includes the promotion of breastfeeding, responsive feeding, and the introduction of healthy complementary foods as young children develop their taste and food preferences.

In addition to healthy nutrition, SCOR also promotes healthy beverages, especially water, physical activity, sleep and minimal screen time, all of which are essential to children’s overall health and wellness. The Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance, a network of stakeholders with an interest in healthy nutrition and obesity prevention that was re-activated by SCOR, works to create cross-sector solutions that support community wellness, including policy promotion, healthy food access, reducing sugar sweetened beverage consumption, community gardens, and opportunities for physical activity.

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