Managing Screen Time for Young Children | Source: Advancing Kids Blog

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend that children from 0-18 months of age should not spend any time looking at screens. They also should not spend more than one hour at a time restrained in strollers, swings or car seats, and they should be engaged in interactive floor-based play. When they are awake and sedentary, they should be engaged in reading or storytelling with loved ones, as this has been proven to be beneficial.

In addition to minimal screen time, SCOR also promotes nutrition, healthy beverages, especially water, physical activity, and healthy sleep habits, all of which are essential to children’s overall health and wellness. The Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance, a network of stakeholders with an interest in healthy nutrition and obesity prevention that was re-activated by SCOR, works to create cross-sector solutions that support community wellness, including policy promotion, healthy food access, reducing sugar sweetened beverage consumption, community gardens, and opportunities for physical activity.

To learn more about managing screen time for young children, please click here.

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